SAS SUA on a 1994 Nissan WD21 Pathfinder   

Updated 1/14/2010

The plan: SUA Leafs with a 1984 Dana 44 jeep wagoneer axle.80-92 will work. All are disc brake drivers drop.


  • CALMINI hangers front and rear

  • Rancho 44044 leafs

  • lockright rear locker

  • 4.56 gears,to match Nissan 4.6 in the H233b - stock was 4.3, now installing 4.9s.

  • custom driveshaft adapter with CV up front all 1310

  • 14" travel shocks.

  • 33" tires

  • 15x8 rims

  • 1.5" DOM steering with tres

  • NissanNut shock towers.

The Pathfinder already has a 3" BL and UCA lift and lower 4.6 gears and rear lockright.. 

stock after 4wd

Plan 33" tires, 4.6 gears, spring under axle with a shackle reversal.

Material List spreadsheet.xls

Action plan:

  1. order all parts

  2. rebuild axle as needed.

  3. install locker and 4.56 gears

  4. install frt hanger / relocate front bumper

  5. install rear bell shackle kit

  6. build shock towers

  7. build / order tie rod and drag link

  8. cut off ifs / hang axle connect brakes steering and shocks

  9. modify crossmember

  10. modify exhaust

  11. install / make frt driveshaft

  12. sway bar install - done


This page is broken into sections:
  • Axle Prep
  • Ball joint install
  • wheel lug and rotor install
  • lock right install
  • dana 44 gear install
  • assemble axle
  • Front spring hangers/shackles
  • Deconstruction
  • Shock towers
  • Steering and steering stabilizer
  • Front brakes
  • Front Driveshaft
  • Sway bar
  • Transmission cross member mod
  • Y pipe mod
  • Material list

Axle prep

 This is the donor axle straight from the junk yard. All parts were taken apart and cleaned and painted.

Ball joint install

Starting with clean empty knuckles. Press in the lower balljoint first. Then the top.


Already to install on housing and torque to spec with the special tool.

First install the lower nut. The sleeve. Then upper nut. Torque the lower then the sleeve, then the upper nut.


Now install the new spindle bearing.

Now install rear new wheel bearing race and seal. I used old races as spacers to pound in new. I grinded down like a setup bearing.

Pound out the old and pop in the new.

Install the small front race. I used slug as a spacer.

Wheel lug and rotor install

Starting with new lugs and rotor and old hub. Press the lugs through the rotor into the hub. I made a spacer to help the install.

lock right install

To install the lock righ locker in the new 3.92 carrier. You need the side gear shims from the old carrier. To get the shims do this. Remove the ring gear bolts. Toss the ring gear in the ebay pile. Using a 3/16 punch from the bolt side push the lock pin out.

Now pound out the spider gear pin with a big punch. All the spiders and side gears just fall out now. Save only the two shims behind the side gears for the lock right install.Now press off the bearing with a bearing splitter ($9 Harbor freight) and a 2 jaw gear puller. I put a Nissan torsion bar washer in the hole. I want the old carrier bearing shims to set carrier preload and I will make setup bearings with the old ones. Keep track which shims come from which side of carrier.

Now press the old pinion bearing off so You can make another setup bearing. I used the same splitter and a press this time. Now you can junk or sell the 2.72 carrier, carrier pin, gears and spiders. LAst pic is the good stuff to keep for mockup and spares.

OK now ready to start the lock right install in the new carrier.

Now ready for ring and pinion.

dana 44 gear install

First step: Make setup bearings. I used the old carrier bearings and the old lower pinion race.

I then installed the axle tube seals. Then installed the pinion with the setup bearing race. There is allot of trial and error setting up gears.

Assembly of axle.

Install axle shafts. then install seals. Then install spindle and caliper bracket.

Slide on completed hub assembly. Install small bearing, locknut, washer and locknut. Torque to 50lbs with another special tool.

Install brake caliper and pads. Dont forget the little clips.

Install manual hub.

Axle is ready to be installed

Front hanger

First step was to remove Winch bumper and brackets. Then cut off the OEM tie downs flush with the frame. Click on the pictures for notes.

Then add some tacks. And reinstall the bumper.

This is the after re adding the original KMA bumper bracket as a gusset. We added the piece removed from first picture above.

Rear shackle mount



Front driveshaft

Decided to use the stock frt driveshaft from a D21 with a CV. The WD21 does not use 1310 U joints like D21s do.

More details here:


My biddy came over at 7am and we cut off the front end. Instaled the leafs in the hangers we installed weeks before. Cut the drag link to length for the steering. ended up being the same specs as the other suspension styles. Had an issue with one of the calipers, cut a hard line with the sawzall. And the wheels did not clear the calipers. So did not get to test drive. But a SAS in one day is possible with proper planning.

SAS day, See more here.....

Shock towers

Made some tower from 2x2 .120 wall. Added some tabs. Shockes 11-12" work best. These were 14" travel so it was harder to get them to fit.

Updated; I arched the tower out and made the removable mount better with 2 bolts.


Steering is typical DOM with 7/8 TREs. Used weld in bungs instead of tapping threads. The Pitman arm is reamed to accept larger TRE.


Update: We moved the TRE above the pitman. This is for more sway bar clearance and up travel.

More steering details here.

front brakes

Install stainless Earls brake lines. All 10mm. Banjo at caliper.

For front brake lines I bought these from

24" long 10mm to 10mm. Nissan and Dana 44 axles (gm/jeep calipers) use 10mm.1980+ are all 10mm. Just like Nissan. If You already have longer aftermarket brake lines they will work.

Part # Item Price Qty Price
EAR-63010124ERL -3 ST./ST. 24" HOSE $12.88 2ea $25.76
EAR-989545ERL BRAKE ADAPTER -3 TO 10MM F I.F $4.99 2ea $9.98
EAR-997631ERL BANJO -3 TO 10MM $7.39 2ea $14.78

Parts Total: $50.52

You can save a few bucks by using shorter lines. These are quite long.


2wd test drive


Sway bar

Moved to SAS sway bar page


Trans cross member mod

Bump stops



More flex pics.