18" Nissan OEM wheels on older trucks like the D22, D21, 720, 620, 521, 520 and 320.  updated 3/2018

The problem is newer Nissans as of 2004 use one piece sealed wheeled bearings. So the center hub is much smaller than the older trucks. So if you want to install newer modern or bigger wheels. The rims do not fit. 

These 18" wheels look better than most aftermarket wheels. The offset is perfect for the older trucks.


Materials and tools used: 

  • Router

  • 1/2 bit

The wheels can be found used all over the US junk yards..

Tools and bit needed

router ss

Stock inside wheels.


Place the rim on a tarp or towel before cutting. Cut the rim slowlywith eye protection on.

Stock Armada wheel and a 26" D21 50 series.