Power steering pump upgrade for the Hardbody and Pathfinder W/D21

Updated 3/2021

I needed a new pump so I decided to try the newer style. The newer pumps are aluminum housings and have a larger bearing. Not sure if they are actually more powerful. They feel better on the road. The overall dimensions of all Nissans pumps are basically the same. Even the rack and pinion v40/41 Quest uses the same style pump. But the outlet is on the opposite side. 

Materials needed: w/d22 pump used about $20-30.

The pumps have different mounting brackets. The parts that are steel on one are aluminum on the other.

There is 2 bolts the hold the pump on the engine. But there is 3 brackets. 2 of the 3 brackets need modifications for a pure bolt in fit.


I first decided to split the bracket and add a spacer. This altered the adjuster bracket alignment. So I had to weld back together.


Front bracket after hole move.

The pulley simply swaps over. Also the inlet tube is an easy swap over.

You can see the larger pump/bearing is rubbing on the block mount. I could not remove the mount without removing the motor mount. So I clearanced the mount with a grinder while on the engine.


There is plenty of room for a 4.5" grinder via the side opening. Notice I notched my shroud so the long top bold can come out without removing the shroud.

All done. Note I did not remove the block mount. That is my spare one.

I really like the feel of this pump.