Power steering box differences on a Nissan Hardbody D21 and Pathfinder WD21

updated 9/25/2010

The 93 and older trucks have less POWER in the power steering than the 94+. Since the Pathfinder uses a 4wd D21 box it is also effected. The Pathfinder got a more power box in 93 then the D21 also did in 94. The pumps are also better. I converted my 93 D21 to a 97 box. Just need a new high pressure hose. I already had 2004 d22 pump. All the fittings on the pumps are 16mm 87-2005. They only change at the box. The 91+ output shafts are all the same. The 90 and older are much smaller so you need a new pitman if you upgrade a 90 or older.  

The modifications include the following:

  1. New high pressure hose for newer banjo. 14mm at the box. The older boxes are 16mm banjos

  2. return hose adapter. 14mm

  3. 93-95 Pathy box  (Pathfinders use 4wd D21 boxs only regardless if 2wd or 4wd)

  4. 94-97 Truck box 4wd only. 2wd boxs do not have banjos.


Some differences in the pitmans over the years. Two different big ends were used and 2 different tre ends used. All pitmans can be reamed from EITHER side for GM 1 ton TREs.

How to ream; Start with a 3/4" step bit.

Then finish with a 1.5 per foot taper.

 The hose on the pathfinder is quite different than the D21. The D21 has a piece of rubber in the middle that makes it much easier to install.