Long Arm conversion for the Nissan Pathfinder WD21 (87-95)

Updated 2/12/2010

The stock 5 link suspension has short upper links. I replaced the lower links with new ones 11" longer than old. Reused lowers as uppers. The Uppers were cut in half and welded to 2" DOM .250 wall. This conversion allows greater wheel travel.

Parts needed: 6' of 2"" DOM  tube .250 wall. JBG springs 5.5 lift for early bronco 13208 is the part number.

Stocks suspension pix. Note bent panhard.

First I removed the lower link bracket from frame. Then removed extra material from bracket to move forward 11" and up higher. Tacked it back o

Removed upper link and cut in half. Its a 1" OD .120 wall. new link is 1.5" ID. So I made some adapters to bring them together. I used some 1.5" OD scrap from my track bar.

New shocks are 7" longer than stock. New shocks are 62480 TMs AKA as Rancho RS5005. 11.6 travel. New black coils are 5.5" Deaver suspension lift coils designed for a ford bronco 190lbs spring weight. From Jeffs Bronco part number 13208

I ended up using the linear up front and progressive in the rear. I cut 2.5" compressed of the coils. It was too high in the rear. You just need to cut the pig tail off to use these springs.

I removed the stock upper link cross member. The upper links hit it at full compression. I made a new one 37 1/4" long from 2"x 3" 3/16 DOM tube. I made the link mounts from 3"x 5" 3/16 tube. Cut a 3" section, removed one 3" wall, then cut a 45deg chunk off. These are a hair to wide for OEM bushings. But perfect for JJoints I will upgrade to.

I did not have to move the gas or brake lines on the right frame rail. Fits perfectly. Will gusset more since the cross member is only welded to 1/8 rail on 3 sides.


The 5.5 lift coils fit perfectly now. My shocks are just the right size. They keep the coils from falling out. The coils may sag overtime and may need some retention. 


Since the stock panhard was bent. Its solid 1" steel. I made a new one about 1" longer.

I converted to discs during the long arm..

Need to lengthen the sway bar links.


Need to clearance the cross member

Slip yoke, no modifications to driveshaft.

Here is the H233 axle housing for reference.


In the future I may run johnny joints just like the front. Thats why the upper cross member mounts are 2 5/8". Nissan OEM bushings are much smaller. I will have to modify the Factory mounts to upgrade to j joints. I plan to run the same lower links front and rear, side to side. 

Tested. Drive the front over something and the rear will flex.

Update: I ended up using deaver springs same as front cut 1". I cut too much off these springs and the rear was too low.

Update. I added some spacers to widen the rear.

Fender trim for 35s

I had to cut out a section of the fender. But not the lip.

All done.