Headers and B pipes on a Nissan Armada and Titan TA60 amd A60 (04-17)

updated 8/20/2021

Here is my installation tips and steps I used to install the JBA long tube Headers and PRT B pipes and keep my 05 Armada 49 state legal. I read 08+ had some changes.  They were installed 6/2017.

You can get these  headers from www.amazon and ebay and many other locations. I bought direct from JBA via Amazon. There is a few companies making bolt in B pipes. Cajun, PRT Performance and a few others. I bought mine at PRTperformance.com because they are local.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zE45lpXBBS8 part 1 - install tips

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7oI1Lbz5Sk part 2 - heat shieild update

Parts needed:

  1. Headers, which included bolts nuts, gaskets and 2 O2 blank plugs.

  2. B pipes with new o2 locations and Cats. Make sure to include 4 10mm bolts and 4 nuts. I provided my own.
Tools needed:

  1. Basic10, 14,17mm sockets and wrenchs
  2. 22mm O2 socket and wrench
  3. Flloor jack and stands
  4. anti seize for reinstalling sensors
  5. 6" long 2x4 piece of wood.

These are headers are beautifully made and packaged.

Raise front end and place on jack stands. Remove front wheels.

Remove fender liners. Screws and ckips.

Disconnect and gently remove the 4 O2 sensors. Do not drop them. 

Now remove the 2 B pipes. Then remove heat shiels from manifolds if possible. You may have to leave manifold heat shield until manifold is unolted and remove together.

Raise engine 1" and place 2x4 between frame and oil pan. 

Remove engine mount BRACKET not the rubber mount. 

Left side: Removing the air box will help with access to remove manifolds. Remove 1 manifold and replace with new header. 

Right side, remove stock manifold, remove heat shield from body. see video. Install new header. Install 02 bung. 

Then install the B pipes. See video for more details.

Here is a comparison of the 4 parts.

Here is the redesigned B pipes to avoid a CEL. If you dont replace B pipes with relocated O2 sensors the ECU will generate a CEL. The O2 sensors need to be on either side of a Cat. Since we remove 1 of the 2 Cats the sensors need to be relocated. These B pipes are also bigger diameter than stock Pipe for more flow. stock muffler can be reused.

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