Headers and muffler options on a Nissan D21 Hard Body VG30 and WD21 Pathfnder VG30

Very happy with both sets of headers. The thorleys are much better quality. The pace setters do block the starter bolts.

You can get these  headers from www.4x4parts.com or www.Summitracing.com

I had to do some serious modification for the SAS (solid axle swap) clearance to both Y pipes. 

  1. Step one weld up extra hole. I put in a 1/2 bolt and welded it in. These pacesetters went on my 5spd manual D21. 

Had to cut a chunk of aluminum of the manual trans for clearance on pass side.



Step one cut Y pipe to fit.

Add some curves and a joint for easy removal. Not clearance around drain plug.

Cherry bomb glass pack compared to stock muffler

I welded the stock flange to cherry bomb glass pack so it was a easy to bolton. Add some brackets to utilize OEM  hangers.

These are the Thorley headers available for the VG30. I used a Magnaflow muffler on the pathy for less noise.


Reinforced exhaust mounts.

VG33 R50 Headers

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