Nissan H233 and H190 information for swaps. 

Updated 1/27/2010


The H233 (233mm) is a popular axle used on the front and rear of numerous Nissans around the world. In the US market Nissans It was only available on the rear axles. The H233 is based on the popular H190. Used on Roadsters, some cars and most 2wd trucks, 620s, 720s, D21s, D22s etc. Since its a removable third member its easy to work on. The other common rear axle is the C200. The C200 does not have a removal center. It uses the same gear set as the R200 found in the front of 4wds trucks. Not the same as the R200 in Z cars. The C200 is also used as a front solid axle in the patrol around the world.

H233 was available with 31 and 33 spline axles. All 6 lug. 6 x 5.5 for 2wd and 4wd. There is two bolt patterns on the pumpkin. 9 bolt 89 down and 11 bolts 90+. You can remove two studs to use the 9 in the 11 housing and vice versa. Some of the bolts do not line up the same.

Gear ratios available are:

  • 4:11 labeled

  • 4:37 labeled 35 ring / 8 ring teeth = Most Manuals, W/D21 and R50

  • 4.62 labeled 37:8 37 ring / 8 ring teeth = Most autos W/D21 and R50

  • 4.88 labeled 39:8 Nismo or Non US vehicles.

  • 4.90 labeled 49:10 49 ring / 10 ring teeth = Stock in the W/D22

  • 5:14 labeled

  • 5:38

  • 5:88

The ratio tags are on the B pillar on trucks and doors on pathfinders. The axe code for the H233 is HG. And the gear ratio will be the first two numbers from above. For example HG49 would be a h233 4.9 axle. A HA37 would be a H190 3.7 axle.

Different WMS versions are available over the years. At least two WMS were used. About a 3" difference between the 2.

There was a full floating 1 ton version on D21 duallys. This is the 1 Ton Dually D21 that was only available cab chassis or long bed (7'). It was only offered regular cab, V6, Auto with column shifters. I drove a few when I worked at a few Nissan dealers back in the 1989-90.

H190 was used in the 72-79 620s (4.3 manual- 4.6 autos). I used to put these in my 85 720s. Simple way to gear down.

A great swap for the 86.5-97 D21 and 87-95 WD21 is install a 4.9 diff from a 2000+ W/D22. Just swap carriers you can use the new housing in the 90+.

In this example I put a 4.9s in a 94 Pathfinder.

I am putting this 04 WD22 diff in a 94 WD21. So I need to swap the carriers. 04 is 33spline, 94 is 31spline. Also I want to swap the companion flange. You want to make sure you get the correct gear set. The ring gear is stamped 49:10. This is 49 Ring teeth divided by 10 pinion and that is called 4.9. Axle code HG49 on the B pillar or door sticker. Make sure the junk yard ships the right one.

This is a rare 10/04+ 2004 WD22 Xterra Diff. Its rare because it has a strap yoke. In 2005 the Xterra went to a spicer style axle. Almost all Nissans from mids 80s use 1310 spicer U joints. Either inside clip or outside clip.

I had to make jig to hold the flange so I could get the nut loose. My air gun would not budge the 30mm nut. Never had this issue with the normal flange.


This is the ABS sensor tone ring. The newer H233s have tone rings on the axle shafts or the pinion flange. 

The far right flange is a Dana 44 All three use 1310 U joints.

This is a H233 diff jig I made from an old rusty axle housing I picked up. Used the other half for a bearing press.

Here is the basic steps to swap carriers.

Staring with old pumpkin.

  1. remove old 4.3 or 4.6 pumpkin vehicle.

  2. Note position of adjuster rings with punch or paint

  3. remove both 10mm head retainer bolts

  4. remove the 4 19mm head carrier bolts.

  5. remove end caps

  6. remove carrier with ring gear from housing

  7. Remove all ring gear bolts.

  8. Now set carrier a side and do the same with new pumpkin.

  9. Note position of adjuster rings with punch or paint

  10. remove both 10mm head retainer bolts

  11. remove the 4 19mm head carrier bolts.

  12. remove end caps

  13. remove carrier with ring gear from housing

  14. Remove all ring gear bolts.

  15. Install 4.9 gear on old carrier with thread locker

  16. Install old carrier in new pumpkin

  17. Install end caps and bolts - SNUG! Not tight.

  18. install adjusters

  19. adjust backlash as needed by turning adjusters.

  20. torque down end caps to 90lbs

  21. check backlash again.

  22. install retainer bolts

  23. Install new pumpkin in vehicle.

Pinion Shims

Rear axles in US market vehicles:

H190(AL) Type I
520 from 12/71
620 up to 9/73

H190(ML) Type II
620 from 10/73
720 2wd (except Z24i & HD)
720 4x4 up to 6/83
D21 2wd 4cyl A/T up to 12/85 & M/T up to 1/86

H190(ML) (12mm ring bolts)
D21 2wd 4cyl A/T from 12/85 & M/T from 1/86

C200 (10mm ring bolts)
720 2wd (Z24i & HD)
720 4x4 from 7/83
D21 4x4 4cyl up to 4/86

C200 (12mm ring bolts)
D21 4x4 4cyl from 4/86 up to 1/92
WD21 4x4 4cyl from 4/86 up to 1/92

H233B (10mm ring bolts)
D21 V6 up to 6/86

H233B (12mm ring bolts)

1989-  have  9 housing bolts and 1990+ have 11 housing bolts

D21 V6 from 6/86 up to 8/89
D21 V6 from 8/89 up to 1/92 - different than above
D21 V6 and 4x4 4cyl from 1/92 - different than above
D22 Same as above

WD21 V6 from 6/86 up to 8/89
WD21 V6 from 8/89  different than above
WD22 Same as above

The H233 is still used today around the world in non US vehicles like the patrol and d22.

This is the high pinion front axle from a patrol. They have a radius arm up front and 5 link rear. The radius arm Nissan calls a 3 link.

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