Throttle Body and MAF upgrades for a Nissan Hardbody and Pathfinders with VG30e 90-95

Updated 7/20/2011

    I upgraded the block to a vg33.  In an effort to tune the vg33 with larger injectors in my 92 Pathfinder with stock 92 ECU. I decided to upgrade the restricitive stock MAF to a VG33 MAF. This forced me to upgrade the Throttle body. Unfortunately the vg33 Throttle does not bolt on the vg30 plenum. There is lots of differences between the two plenums. The intake is IDENTICAL so it does fit. But the dizzys are different so is most of the vacum lines and EGR. So might as well install a Q45 90mm (80mm ID) since there is adapters for an easy upgrade.

The plan:

VG33e long block. - vg30 crank and all vg30 externals.
VH45 370cc injectors - stock vg30 is 180cc
VG33 MAF - R50
VG30 plenum
VH45 TB with TPS
VH45 weld on adapter
J30 fuel rails
Air Fuel Controller - Apexi SAFC
Wideband O2 sensor and gauge - I used MTXL from InnovateMotorsports

Throttle body sizes. VH45 , VG33 and VG30.

Here is the MAF comparison

VG30 parts 

Test 1 with vg33 MAF. Wiring is the same as vg30. Just cut and splice the connector on. The 3 wires are black, white (signal) and black/white.

Here is the Infamous VH45DE Throttle body. It has a 82mm Butterfly. Most people call it a 90mm since thats the size of the input. Note the similaritys to the VG30 TB. 

Same amount of vacumn lines, water lines. The linkage has the same connector. My only challenge is the cruise control linkage is different.


Wideband O2 sensor and gauge with data logging is required to use the SAFC.

Apexi SAFC (Super Air Fuel Controller) is required to "tune" the engine after this mod. I found the instructions are for JDM vehicles. The only Nissan with a vg30e was a yd21 (Terrano) 90-95. I assumed that was close enough to the US Pathfinder w/d21. The FSM confirmed the schematic is the same.


First wire up the SAFC. The ECU is under the right seat.


Here is how I tune. Adjust the AFR while adjusting the SAFC

Injector options. I wanted to use some OEM injectors and avoid costly custom hi flow versions. The vg30 and vg33 rails found in the w/d21 and w/d22 not sure yet if they support the popular vh45/SR 370cc injectors. I noticed the j30 maxima rails are very similar to the d21 rails. After lots of research I found there is 2 basic style sidefeed injectors used over the years.

So there is a early "side" feed and a "late" side feed. Here is some things I have noticed between the 2 styles. For example the vg30e and the vh45 uses both early and late style and the cutover date varies by vehicle. But bascially late 80s is early. 90+ is late style depending on vehicle used. But all w/d21,v40,v41,r50,w/d22 use "late" style. All the cars use both. The Z used the topfeed, then early side feed then, late side feed, now top feed again. All Nissans currently use some sort of top feed. 

The cap color varies from vehicle to vehicle. For example the maxima used "early" pink tops. The Hardbody uses late pink tops. So the "late" can have different wire connectors but do share the same rail. 

The impedence is the same on all sidefeed so far. 


To fit the late style injectors in the w/d21, w/d22 rails I had to add 3 5mm washers under the cap. The cap is the same on all engines from SR, KA,VG, VH, VQ etc. There is two styles of caps. The