Clutch replacement on 96 Nissan Pathfinder - R50

 This is how I changed my Clutch, Pressure plate and throw out bearing on a 1996 Pathfinder 4wd. Other Nissans similar. Updated, also changed pilot bearing and tcase driveshaft seal.

Tools needed. Numerous sockets and wrenchs, torque wrench, Floor jack, jack stands, Clutch Alignment tool, snap ring pliers, philips, swivel 14mm sockets and long extensions.

  1. Disconnect battery, trust me.
  2. Raise vehicle and place on jack stands. I use wheel ramps for front and jacks under rear axle. On a flat level hard surface. (Garage).
  3. In side vehicle remove ashtray, center console and shifter boots.
  4. Remove shifter knobs. They unscrew. normally really tight.
  5. Using snap ring pliers remove trans shifter.
  6. Drain transfercase oil. You can leave oil in trans.
  7. Disconnect transfercase shifter, remove from inside.
  8. Remove stock muffler. 4 bolts in front and 2 rear.
  9. Unplug 2 electrical connectors under steel shield on pass side. They are hidden.
  10. Remove both drive shafts.
  11. Remove 2 starter bolts from trans side and leave starter connected and in vehicle.
  12. Remove the 2 14mm bolts holding on Clutch slave cylinder, zip tie up and out of the way. Do not disconnect hydraulic line.
  13. Remove the pass side O2 sensor (Bank 1 sensor 2).
  14. Remove both transmission mount bolts and nuts at the mount.
  15. Remove all visible lower 14mm bolts that connect trans to engine. They go in both directions.
  16. Put a Transmission jack or jack stand under transfer case and remove the 4 bolts from Trans crossmember and remove crossmember, placing weight of trans/TC on Jack.
  17. Now lower the rear transmission enough so you can access the UPPER 14mm bolts.
  18. BEFORE removing all the bolts that connect trans and engine, remove the 10mm bolt that holds in Crank Position Sensor. It will get destroyed if you do not remove it before removing trans. $50.
  19. Remove all upper 14mm bolts with swivel sockets on 24" extensions.
  20. Now you should be ready to place trans jack under transmission/TC and remove both as a unit. 2 men are better than 1 here.
  21. Lower and remove unit from vehicle and set aside.

  22. Remove bearing and collar as unit from front of trans.
  23. To seperate collar from bearing: I use a round seal tool and a 2 jaw gear puller. see pic.
  24. Put clutch alignment tool in clutch disc.
  25. Now remove all 12mm Pressure plate bolts from flywheel.
  26. Remove clutch and pressure plate and discard.
  27. Remove pilot bearing bushing with suitable tool from crankshaft.


  1. Insert new bushing in crankshaft.
  2. Check condition of flywheel, remove and resurface if damaged. I usually just rough up with sandpaper, just like brake job.
  3. Install clutch disc on flywheel with alignment tool.
  4. Install pressure plate and tighten in criss cross pattern see service manual. Tighten to torque specs.
  5. remove alignment tool.
  6. Put new bearing in bench vise with collar and press on.
  7. Put bearing on front of trans with a little grease inside collar.
  8. Raise trans an put back in.
  9. Put in the 14mm trans bolts first starting at the top. Leave trans leaning down.
  10. Install Crank position sensor.
  11. Install all Trans bolts and torque to specs.
  12. Install Starter.
  13. Install Slave cylinder.
  14. Install O2 sensor.
  15. Install Trans mount.
  16. Install crossmember.
  17. Install both drive shafts
  18. Install mufller.
  19. Install Shifters
  20. Install center consoles.
  21. Remove fill plug on TC and fill to top of plug with fluid.
  22. Connect electrical connectors.
  23. Install steel sheilds over electrical.
  24. Lower vehicle.
  25. reconnect battery.