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Welcome to my Nissan Enthusiast website.

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18 Frontier SV


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   I, have created this site to help fellow Nissan Enthusiasts maintain and sometimes modify their Nissan's. I have owned Nissan's exclusively since 1985. I have posted lots of pictures and details of some projects and maintenance jobs. These pages are not a complete How to but give you ideas on what is involved. By request I make youtube videos of unusal projects or repairs.    

The Hardbody D21 inspired Loft Bed.

Here is a list of Datsun/Nissan vehicles I am most familiar with, because I have owned them for 1 to 10 years each:

  1. 1974 620 Truck, Reg cab, reg bed 2wd L18 auto/manual (I converted to manual to learn how to drive a stick) - SOLD
  2. 1985 720 Truck. King Cab ST 2wd Z24 2wd. I converted to 4wd and z24i. - SOLD
  3. 1985 720 Truck, Reg cab, reg bed 2wd Z24. 5 speed manual. (Wifes first truck) - SOLD
  4. 1988 WD21 Pathfinder XE V6 VG30i, 4WD 5 speed manual. (Our first V6) - SOLD
  5. 1989 J31 Maxima SE V6 VG30e, 5 speed manual, (Daughter born) Needed a 4 door. - Traded in
  6. 1993 V40 Quest GXE V6 VG30e, 4speed Auto. - Traded in
  7. 1996 R50 Pathfinder SEV6 VG33e 4WD. 5 speed. (My first V6 4wd) - SOLD
  8. 2004 V42 Quest SE V6 VQ35DE 5 speed auto. - SOLD Wife's first new Nissan
  9. 1993 D21 King Cab SE V6 VG30e, 5 speed 4WD. Converted to SAS. - SOLD
  10. 1992 WD21 Pathfinder SEV6 VG30e 4WD. 4 speed Auto - converted to SAS and VG33e. - SOLD
  11. 2005 TA60 Armada SEV8 VK56DE 2WD - 5 speed auto - SOLDl.
  12. 2011 ZE01 Leaf SV - All electric - Wife favorite so far - SOLD (totalled)
  13. 2001 L30 Altima GXE - KA24de- Daughters car - SOLD 
  14. 1995 D21 Hardbody KingCab XEV6 VG30e 5speed 2wd for Son- SOLD
  15. 2014 B17 Sentra FS- Daughter bought it. I maintain it.
  16. 2018 D40 Frontier CrewCab SV 2wd - Midnight Edition - My first New Truck!
  17. 2012 N17X - Versa (Sedan) HR16DE - Base - Son's car.
  18. 2021 LEAF SV Plus Wife's new favorite.
  19. Next vehicle should be an Ariya. Just saw one in person at the Texas Auto Show!


2021 Leaf SV

14 Sentra FS

The ultimate EV available in 2022


Nissan Ariya at Texas State fair 2021


Life is a Journey, Enjoy the Ride. 

Not sponsored by Nissan in anyway. Nissan just makes the best vehicles.

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